7 Smart Ways to Organize a Small House

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Organizing a minimalist house can be a challenge because the number and width of the room may not suit your needs. This causes a small size of space in a small house. Then, how to make these cramped rooms, of course, the little house you remain functional and comfortable place to live?There are some errors and problems that usually would you encounter when managing a small house. To avoid this, let’s look at a variety of tips and tricks for managing a small house of your dreams.

1.Selection Color in Small Houses

Most people choose to paint or color in a small house by taste or favorite color. It is certainly not wrong, even better because it can provide psychological comfort for the occupants of the house because he likes the color he can enjoy his small house on a daily basis. However, you should know if not all of the colors suitable for application on any small house. Moreover, given the small house synonymous with spaces too small. To make the interior of the small house feels so wider, it helps you use bright colors in a small house you have. The color white is the best color to make the small room feel more light and spacious. However, if the white color monotonous or too plain, bright colors such as beige or light colors could also be an option for a small house. If you have favorite colors tend to be dark like black or maroon,apply this color on accessories or decor complement to the small house like carpet or wallhangings.With a bright room, the colors of your favorites will still stand out without appearing dominant in the small house.

2. Avoid Excess pattern in every room Tiny House Yours

In addition to dark colors, patterns exaggerated, too crowded or congested, will make the room seem much narrower even messy. Avoid the use of pattern in a small house, but the rooms are relatively spacious. The selected pattern also try to have a simple pattern. By doing so, you do not have to worry about the patterns on the carpet or wallpaper the room will make a small house feel cramped and claustrophobic. Pattern selection could also provide a visual effect in your little room. Horizontal pattern will make the room seem higher, while the vertical pattern can make a small house seem more broadly. Customize this pattern with the state of the room in a small house you have.

3. Select furnishings with Transparent or Reflective Material

You might had thought that the room in a small house may not be too narrow. But after room filled with furniture, then you will find it turned out that room is not spacious. To get around if such things happen in a small house you have, try using a few furniture with a transparent or reflective material to provide a wider visual effects in a small house. Materials such as acrylic and transparent glass or a mirror that is reflecting light could be an option to create an impression that is not crowded room by the furniture in a tiny house.

4. Remove Barriers on Space-Space in Tiny Houses

Instead of a small room in the house into a narrow because divided, the better you combine these spaces by removing barriers or walls that exist. Not only makes the circulation to be comfortable, This will make the room in a small house feels so much wider. The rooms like the kitchen and the dining room is one example of a room that you can combine in a tiny house yours. Both this room you can even combine it with a family room, making it a spacious living room with a different function.

5. Space Efficiency Through Small Houses Furniture Compact

As was mentioned earlier, the furniture is one of the factors that could make room in a small house was small, cramped and claustrophobic. Other options besides choose furniture with transparent and reflective material is to use the furniture compact which has a double function. For example, under the seat or bed, rather than the space is wasted, you can make the vault as storage additionalby providing a drawer in the vault. As a result, you can reduce the use of storage cabinets in a small house. Sofa bed or folding table can also be a good choice with a flexible dual functionality so that you can adjust the furniture according to the needs of space at the time.

6. Maximum Exposure on Small Houses

A bright room will seem much more spacious than a dark room. This is the reason why the lighting to be one thing you need to consider in managing a small house. And when talking about lighting, it will be associated with the openings that exist in a small house. Maximize existing windows in a small house or use doors that have glass so that the light can still enter into the small house when the door is in a closed state. If circumstances do not allow you to bring the room window, you can play with skylights that light can still sneak in. If natural light is not possible you maximize, set artificial lighting withlighting. adequate One main lamp may not be enough, so add decorative lighting,especially in low light corner of the room so that the lighting in a small house so the maximum. Also avoid use of the lights with the lights dimmed except for decorative elements.

7. Switch to Furniture Small Sized without Excess Details

To make room in the small house feel larger, avoid filling it with the furniture super big with excessive detail and form. Turn to the minimalist furniture with a smaller size and lack of detail when arranging a small house. Moreover, the size of the furniture does not always guarantee comfort, you know. In addition to furniture, accessories and decorations about the small house you need to be minimized. Use decorations and accessories only as necessary so that the rooms were small did not seem cluttered. Having a small house will not always be a nightmare, is not it? By understanding the right way to organize the small house, every room you have definitely not going to lose comfortably out of the big house, magnificent and luxurious.